8 Travel Hacks To Save You Money


While most of us love traveling and see the world, we don’t usually love the costs that come with it. Between city tours, car rentals, hotels, and airfare, travel expenses are able to add up quickly.

But with a little planning, you are able to reduce some of those costs right away, or even eliminate them altogether!

Look at some of these great travel hacks which will stretch your travel dollars and make your vacation both affordable and enjoyable.

Buy Plane Tickets on Tuesday | Life 360 Tips

Buy Plane Tickets on Tuesday

For whatever reason, airfare seems to be lowest on Tuesday, specifically at midnight. According to, people who booked their tickets on a Tuesday at midnight could save about six percent on airplane tickets.

The days you want to go can also have an influence, albeit very little, with weekdays generally being cheaper for flying than moving on the weekend.

Mileage and Points | Life 360 Tips

Mileage and Points

Most major air carriers have mileage programs, and using these opportunities are able to mean huge savings, particularly when you mix them with the carrier’s credit card program.

As an example, Alaska Airlines’ Visa card offers you a whopping 30,000 miles after qualifying purchases once you sign up, that is high enough mileage for a round trip ticket, along with a yearly companion ticket, and that means you can bring a friend and simply spend a minimal fee for their fare.

Hotel Rewards Programs | Life 360 Tips

Hotel Rewards Programs

Signing up for a hotel loyalty program can mean saving money on hotel rooms, amenities, possibly airplane tickets. Guests earn points for each and every stay, which can be utilized for deals on rooms or perhaps room upgrades, retail purchases and airfare.

Some of the best rewards programs include Marriott, which has hotels around the world, Hyatt, that is geared toward business and leisure travelers, and Best Western Rewards, which concentrates on budget-minded guests.

Off The Beaten Path Airports | Life 360 Tips

Off The Beaten Path Airports

Before booking your travel, take a moment to see if there’s another, smaller airport near your destination. Several of these smaller hubs offer large discounts on airfare.

Flying to Dallas? Investigate the fares flying in and from Love Field instead of DFW airport.

Or in case you are moving towards the Bay area, airfare is often less expensive in case you fly into Oakland as opposed to San Francisco. A bit of research can save you a lot of money!

Travel During Off-Season | Life 360 Tips

Travel During Off-Season

There are a whole lot of benefits which come with moving during the off season, with anything from airfare to hotels to sightseeing tours offering deep discounts.

Figure out when the off season is for the place you’d be interested to go, and see what type of deals you are able to have.

Or even read the area’s “shoulder season” which is the time frame just between low and high seasons and typically has a few good prices for rooms or activities.

Rent a Private Home Instead of a Hotel | Life 360 Tips

Rent a Private Home Rather than a hotel

The advent of online rental companies as VRBO and AirBnB have forever changed how we travel, making it easy to come across affordable accommodations no matter where you are going.

You can book an entire home or maybe apartment, a single room, or even room on a sailboat! Both sites offer the option of looking for the very best deal in your location, with the property owners sometimes offering special discounts and rates during specified times or for last minute bookings.

Pack Light | Life 360 Tips

Pack Light

The majority of air carriers today charge for checked baggage. To avoid those extra costs, learn how to pack light for your travels.

Buy a smaller rollaway bag that adheres to the common airline regulations, and do not bring more than will easily fit in it.

Some air carriers are currently offering special reduced rate fares for passengers that do not bring a carry on at all, and who restrict themselves to a single small bag.

Contact Tour Companies Directly and Ask for Discounts | Life 360 Tips

Contact Tour Companies Directly and Ask for Discounts

Tour companies will at times provide last minute discounts for tours which have not filled up or perhaps had cancellations.

Calling them right and seeing what type of special rates they may be prepared to give can sometimes net good cost savings.

If you have a big party, ask for a team discount, or maybe if you’re big on Instagram or perhaps a traveling blogger, a few tour companies will give you a price reduction in exchange for blowing up your Insta with photographs of the tour.